Luxury Snow Foam Car Wash

Every Supercars Valeting begins with a luxury car wash, designed to remove dirt and grit without adding any swirl marks to the paintwork.

First, the team applies a citrus degreaser to the lower half of the vehicle, paying special attention to areas like wheels, arches and door shuts, where grease and grit can gather unseen. A gentle rinse is carried out using purified water at an optimum 35?C and then they applies a snow foam, rinse and then full wash, using a specially formulated pH neutral shampoo and a natural sea sponge, which is softer than synthetic sponges and wash mitts.

Once everything is washed and rinsed, the car is dried using ultra soft towels and a frictionless purified air supply.


Luxury Car Wash treatments:

28-stage luxury wash process with purified 35°c water
32-stage luxury wash process with purified 35°c water
Hand washed using ph neutral PD shampoo
Wheel arches and door shuts cleaned
Dried using deep pile ultra soft drying towels
Air dried using 2-stage purified air supply