If your wheels are in perfect condition, we can clean, prepare and glass coat them so it’s easy for you to keep them pristine. If they’re damaged, we can restore them to better than showroom condition, before applying the glass coating. We remove the wheels in order to apply the protection treatment to the inside rim and faces and then give the tyres a thorough clean and dressing with a specially formulated Car Care Tyre Preserver.

Leaving the tyres undressed on a prestige car is like wearing muddy wellies with a tuxedo. The Car Care Tyre Preserver will restore the gloss to your tyres, as well as extending their life by keeping them supple and protecting them from the perishing effects of sunlight.

Wheel Enhancement treatments:
Wheel refurbishment
Colour change
Gtechniq C4 wheel armour coating
Modesta BC-06 wheel protection